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Title: Holding Everything Down, Author: William John Notter
Title: If No Moon, Author: Moira Linehan
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Title: Always Danger, Author: David Hernandez
Title: No Acute Distress, Author: Jennifer Richter
Title: Pelican Tracks, Author: Elton Glaser
Title: Lizzie Borden in Love: Poems in Women's Voices, Author: Julianna Baggott
Title: Hinge, Author: Molly Spencer
Title: The Gospel according to Wild Indigo, Author: Cyrus Cassells
Title: Beautiful Trouble, Author: Amy Fleury
Title: Into Each Room We Enter without Knowing, Author: Charif Shanahan
Title: All the Great Territories, Author: Matthew Austin Wimberley
Title: Egg Island Almanac, Author: Brendan Galvin
Title: The River Where You Forgot My Name, Author: Corrie Williamson
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Title: Instructions, Abject & Fuming, Author: Julianna Baggott
Title: Even the Dark, Author: Leslie Williams
Title: The Laughter of Adam and Eve, Author: Jason Sommer
Title: Errata, Author: Lisa Fay Coutley
Title: Becoming Ebony, Author: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
Title: Lacemakers, Author: Claire McQuerry
Title: In the Absence of Clocks, Author: Jacob Shores-Arguello

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