Title: Seam, Author: Tarfia Faizullah
Title: Consolation Miracle / Edition 3, Author: Chad Davidson
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Title: Birthmark, Author: Jon Marcelino Pineda MFA
Title: Twenty First Century Blues, Author: Richard Cecil
Title: Oblivio Gate, Author: Sean Nevin
Title: Pelican Tracks, Author: Elton Glaser
Title: For Dust Thou Art, Author: Timothy Liu
Title: Persons Unknown, Author: Jake Adam York
Title: Tongue Lyre, Author: Tyler Mills
Title: Threshold, Author: Jennifer Richter
Title: Furious Lullaby, Author: Oliver de la Paz
Title: A Murmuration of Starlings, Author: Jake Adam York
Title: Vanishing Acts, Author: Brian Barker
Title: Salt Moon, Author: Noel Crook
Title: On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year, Author: Lee Ann Roripaugh
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Title: Egg Island Almanac, Author: Brendan Galvin
Title: Into Each Room We Enter without Knowing, Author: Charif Shanahan
Title: Beautiful Trouble, Author: Amy Fleury
Title: Becoming Ebony, Author: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
Title: Glaciology, Author: Jeffrey Skinner

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