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Title: Spitting Image, Author: Kara van de Graaf
Title: The River Where You Forgot My Name, Author: Corrie Williamson
Title: Fabulae / Edition 3, Author: Joy Katz MFA
Title: Beautiful Trouble, Author: Amy Fleury
Title: The Last Predicta, Author: Chad Davidson
Title: White Summer, Author: Joelle Biele
Title: Nostalgia for a World Where We Can Live, Author: Monica Berlin
Title: Vanishing Acts, Author: Brian Barker
Title: Becoming Ebony, Author: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
Title: Misery Prefigured, Author: J Allyn Rosser PhD
Title: If No Moon, Author: Moira Linehan
Title: Red Clay Suite, Author: Honorée Fanonne Jeffers
Title: Tongue Lyre, Author: Tyler Mills
Title: Cinema Muto, Author: Jesse Lee Kercheval MFA
Title: Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love, Author: Wally Swist
Title: Unearth, Author: Chad Davidson
Title: Salt Moon, Author: Noel Crook
Title: Seam, Author: Tarfia Faizullah
Title: On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year, Author: Lee Ann Roripaugh
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Title: Lacemakers, Author: Claire McQuerry

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