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Title: The Captain, The Missionary, and the Bell: The Wreck of the Steamship Atlantic, Author: Eric Larsson
Title: Justifiable Homicide, Author: Dan Brown
Title: Our Grandpa Owns a Lake!, Author: Jan Barrus
Title: Grief Dominating Our Lives, Author: Dr. Ernest Branch
Title: A B C...God, Author: Kathryn Tassinari Claywell
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Title: Escape from Grief Prison: A Story of Love, Loss, and Healing, Author: Gail Norwood
Title: Come and See, Author: Kenneth Myers
Title: The Real Story of The Negro Leagues, Author: Wayne Moody
Title: Can I Tell You Something?: Words of Hope and Encouragement for the Modern Day Leper, Author: Bob Van Domelen
Title: Adventures of an Old Lady Piano Teacher, Author: Vicki King
Title: Core Reality: Volume 3: Dark Awakening, Author: Thomas Funicello
Title: The Journey, Author: Lloyd Redding
Title: Darkness Bravo: A Soldier Remembers, Author: Edward R. Fedrick
Title: The Goat Sleeps in the Kitchen: The True Story of an Amazing Woman; Maria Insalaco Reina, Author: Joe Reina
Title: The Prisoner Inside Me, Author: DeAnne J. Roeske
Title: Taos Winter: A Novel, Author: Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows
Title: My Life and the Final Days of Hollywood, Author: Claude Jarman Jr.
Title: THE SQUOZE, Author: Thelda Livingston Mathews
Title: Charlie Finds Love, Author: Walker Jean Mills
Title: The Adventures of Duck, Author: Shayla McGowan

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