Title: Buckle up Buttercup and Breathe, Author: Cindy Johnson
Title: Last Note, Author: Anna Seidman
Title: Darn It All, Author: Cindy Lowrey
Title: Tiny Gifts, Author: Sandra Smith
Title: Auto Repair without a Wrench, Author: Carl J. Monteleone
Title: The Goat Sleeps in the Kitchen: The True Story of an Amazing Woman; Maria Insalaco Reina, Author: Joe Reina
Title: If you Pick a Pair of Peacocks, Author: James W. Litzler
Title: Mikey Makes a Friend, Author: Mikal Phillips
Title: Meatballs, Author: Peter Orsita
Title: The Captain, The Missionary, and the Bell: The Wreck of the Steamship Atlantic, Author: Eric Larsson
Title: WATERMELON PARTY, Author: Deborah Cutforth Young
Title: They Called Me LT: Inside the Heart and Mind of an Infantry Platoon Leader, Author: Ronald J. Nielsen
Title: Darkness Bravo: A Soldier Remembers, Author: Edward R. Fedrick
Title: Navigating the Journey of a Lifetime, Author: Donna P. Turner
Title: The Valley of Baca, Author: Teresa Durham
Title: A Taste for all Seasons: A Healthy Blend of Italian and American Cuisines, Author: Eleanor Rodio Furlong
Title: RECKONING AT NUREMBERG: The Nazi War Trial, Author: Larry Barthurst
Title: True Grunt*: Not The Monster Of Vietnam, Author: Billy White
Title: God Lives in This House, Author: Teresa Gair Klingelhoets
Title: Music of the Soul, Author: Gail Miller Mahaffey

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