Title: Stand by Me
Director: Rob Reiner
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Title: The Goonies
Title: National Lampoon's Last Resort
Title: Lost Boys 3-Movie Collection
Title: Lost Boys: The Thirst
Title: Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of
Title: Dream a Little Dream
Director: Marc Rocco
Title: Blown Away
Director: Brenton Spencer
Title: The Making of a Cult Classic: The Unauthorized Story of The Goonies
Title: Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever/South Beach Academy
Title: The Zombie King Pre-Order Now
Title: Coreyography: A Memoir, Author: Corey Feldman
Title: The Sexton and the Reaper: A love story, Author: Corey Feldman
Title: A Line in the Sand, Author: Corey Feldman
Title: Egret the Elephant, Author: Corey Feldman
Title: Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret, Author: Corey Feldman