Title: Our Viands: Whence They Come and How They Are Cooked, with a Bundle of Old Recipes from Cookery Books of the Last Century, Author: Anne Buckland
Title: Breakfast Dainties, Author: Thomas Murrey
Title: The Imperial and Royal Cook: Consisting of the Most Sumptuous Made Dishes (1809), Author: Frederick Nutt
Title: Standard Paper-Bag Cookery, Author: Emma Telford
Title: The White House Cook Book, Author: Fanny Gillette
Title: New Family Receipt-Book: Containing Eight Hundred Truly Valuable Receipts in Various Branced of Domest IC Economy. a New Edition, Corrected., Author: John Murray
Title: What Mrs. Fisher Knows about Old Southern Cooking, Author: Abby Fisher
Title: The Young Wife's Cook Book: With Receipts of the Best Dishes for Breakfast, Dinner and Tea, Author: Hannah Mary Peterson
Title: Recollections of a Housekeeper, Author: Caroline Gilman
Title: A Textbook of Domestic Science for High Schools, Author: Matilda Campbell
Title: Boston School Kitchen Text-Book: Lessons in Cooking for the Use of Classes in Public and Industrial Schools, Author: Mary Johnson Lincoln
Title: Viticulture and Brewing in the Ancient Orient, Author: Henry Lutz
Title: Housekeeper's Book: Comprising Advice on the Conduct of Household Affairs in General, Author: Frances Green
Title: The Blue and Gold Cook Book, Author: Oakland Brewing & Malting Co.
Title: Food and Flavor, Author: Henry Finck
Title: Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving: A Treatise Containing Practical Instructions in Cooking; In the Combination and Serving of Dishes; And in the Fashionable Modes of Entertaining at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Author: Mary Newton Henderson
Title: A Self-Supporting Home, Author: Kate Saint Maur
Title: Handbook of Practical Cookery: Containing the Whole Science and Art of Preparing Human Food, Author: Pierre Blot
Title: Things Mother Used to Make, Author: Lydia Gurney
Title: The Virginia Housewife: Or Methodical Cook, Author: Mary Randolph

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