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Title: The Social Dimensions of Mental Illness, Alcoholism, and Drug Dependence., Author: Edith Martindale
Title: Cultural Conflict and the Swedish Sexual Myth: The Male Immigrant's Encounter with Swedish Sexual and Cohabitation Culture, Author: Sven-Axel Mansson
Title: Community in Transition: Mobility, Integration, and Conflict, Author: Hanna Ayalon
Title: High Risk and High Stakes: Health Professionals, Politics, and Policy, Author: Earl Wysong
Title: The Poverty Debate: Politics and the Poor in America, Author: C. Emory Burton
Title: Consciousness and Culture: An Introduction to the Thought of Jean Gebser, Author: Eric Kramer
Title: Diffusion Research in Rural Sociology: The Record and Prospects for the Future, Author: Frederick C. Fliegel
Title: Social Oppression, Author: Adam Podgórecki
Title: Sociology in Israel., Author: Edith Martindale
Title: The Revolutionary Party: Essays in the Sociology of Politics, Author: Edith Martindale
Title: Group Interaction as Therapy: The Use of the Small Group in Corrections, Author: Edith Martindale
Title: Sociology of the Black Experience, Author: Edith Martindale
Title: Sociology in Australia and New Zealand: Theory and Methods, Author: Cora V. Baldock
Title: The Handwriting on the Wall: Toward a Sociology and Psychology of Graffiti, Author: Edith Martindale
Title: Identities in the Lesbian World: The Social Construction of Self, Author: Barbara Ponse
Title: The Hidden Professoriate: Credentialism, Professionalism, and the Tenure Crisis, Author: Edith Martindale
Title: Discourse in the Social Sciences: Strategies for Translating Models of Mental Illness, Author: Barry Glassner
Title: Politics, Character, and Culture: Perspectives from Hans Gerth, Author: Marilyn Bensman
Title: Ethnicity, Pluralism, and Race: Race Relations Theory in America Before Myrdal, Author: Fred Wacker
Title: Civil Religion and Moral Order: Theoretical and Historical Dimensions, Author: Michael W. Hughey

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