Title: The Formative Influences, Theories, and Campaigns of the Archduke Carl of Austria, Author: Lee W. Eysturlid
Title: The Specht Journal: A Military Journal of the Burgoyne Campaign, Author: Helga Doblin
Title: General William Maxwell and the New Jersey Continentals, Author: Harry M. Ward
Title: From Sumer to Rome: The Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies, Author: Richard A. Gabriel
Title: The Evolution of Blitzkrieg Tactics: Germany Defends Itself Against Poland, 1918-1933, Author: Robert M. Citino
Title: United States Army Logistics: The Normandy Campaign, 1944, Author: Steve R. Waddell
Title: Scientific Information in Wartime: The Allied-German Rivalry, 1939-1945, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Divided and Conquered: The French High Command and the Defeat of the West, 1940, Author: Jeffery A. Gunsburg
Title: America's Forgotten Wars: The Counterrevolutionary Past and Lessons for the Future / Edition 1, Author: Sam C. Sarkesian
Title: Nuclear War and Nuclear Strategy: Unfinished Business, Author: Stephen J. Cimbala
Title: Military Threats: A Systematic Historical Analysis of the Determinants of Success, Author: Artis Frances Allen
Title: The Soviet Military and the Future, Author: Stephen J. Blank
Title: The Political Economy of Defense: Issues and Perspectives, Author: Andrew Ross
Title: The Laws of Land Warfare: A Guide to the U.S. Army Manuals, Author: Donald A. Wells
Title: War Wings: The United States and Chinese Military Aviation, 1929-1949, Author: Guangqiu Xu
Title: Toward a Revolution in Military Affairs?: Defense and Security at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century, Author: Thierry Gongora
Title: Iron Admirals: Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century, Author: Ronald Andidora
Title: The Anatomy of a Small War: The Soviet-Japanese Struggle for Changkufeng/Khasan, 1938, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Russian Imperial Military Doctrine and Education, 1832-1914, Author: Carl Van Dyke
Title: The Way of the Fox: American Strategy in The War for America, 1775-1783, Author: ABC-CLIO

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