Title: For King and Kaiser!: The Making of the Prussian Army Officer, 1860-1914, Author: Steven E. Clemente
Title: Soviet Military Doctrine from Lenin to Gorbachev, 1915-1991, Author: Willard C. Frank
Title: Battles of the Thirty Years War: From White Mountain to Nordlingen, 1618-1635, Author: William P. Guthrie
Title: Doctrine Under Trial: American Artillery Employment in World War I, Author: Mark E. Grotelueschen
Title: War Wings: The United States and Chinese Military Aviation, 1929-1949, Author: Guangqiu Xu
Title: Desert Shield at Sea: What the Navy Really Did, Author: Marvin Pokrant
Title: Tides in the Affairs of Men: The Social History of Elizabethan Seamen, 1580-1603, Author: Cheryl Fury
Title: Ordered to Die: A History of the Ottoman Army in the First World War, Author: Edward J. Erickson
Title: The Bradley and How It Got That Way: Technology, Institutions, and the Problem of Mechanized Infantry in the United States Army, Author: W. Blair Haworth
Title: To the Bitter End: Paraguay and the War of the Triple Alliance, Author: Christopher Leuchars
Title: The Aegean Mission: Allied Operations in the Dodecanese, 1943, Author: Jeffrey Holland
Title: The Emperor's Friend: Marshal Jean Lannes, Author: Margaret S. Chrisawn
Title: The Maltese Cross: A Strategic History of Malta, Author: Dennis Castillo
Title: Treatise on Partisan Warfare, Author: Johan Ewald
Title: Military Assistance, Author: William H. Mott
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Title: The Albatross of Decisive Victory: War and Policy Between Egypt and Israel in the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli Wars, Author: George W. Gawrych
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Title: Image and Reality: The Making of the German Officer, 1921-1933, Author: David N. Spires
Title: Divided and Conquered: The French High Command and the Defeat of the West, 1940, Author: Jeffery A. Gunsburg
Title: Hidden Ally: The French Resistance, Special Operations, and the Landings in Southern France, 1944, Author: Arthur L. Funk
Title: The Art of Leadership in War: The Royal Navy From the Age of Nelson to the End of World War II, Author: John Horsfield

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