Title: Jailed for Peace: The History of American Draft Law Violators, 1658-1985, Author: Stephen Kohn
Title: Against All Enemies: Interpretations of American Military History from Colonial Times to the Present / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth J. Hagan
Title: Explorations in Strategy / Edition 1, Author: Colin S. Gray
Title: Looking Back on the Vietnam War: A 1990s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence E. Grinter
Title: The Declining Hegemon: The United States and European Defense, 1960-1990, Author: Joseph Lepgold
Title: Citizen-Sailors in a Changing Society: Policy Issues for Manning the United States Naval Reserve, Author: L Boykin
Title: The Last Gaiter Button: A Study of the Mobilization and Concentration of the French Army in the War of 1870, Author: Thomas J. Adriance
Title: Fighting Power: German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945, Author: Martin van Creveld
Title: Two If by Sea: The Development of American Coastal Defense Policy, Author: Robert S. Browning
Title: The Spit-Shine Syndrome: Organizational Irrationality in the American Field Army, Author: Chris Bassford
Title: The Way of the Fox: American Strategy in The War for America, 1775-1783, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Quest for Victory: The History of the Principles of War, Author: John I. Alger
Title: The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Author: Natalie Mychajlyszyn
Title: The Twenty-first Missouri: From Home Guard to Union Regiment, Author: Leslie Anders
Title: A Wilderness of Miseries: War and Warriors in Early America, Author: John Ferling
Title: The Army and Civil Disorder: Federal Military Intervention in Labor Disputes, 1877-1900, Author: Jerry M. Cooper
Title: Pacifying the Plains: General Alfred Terry and the Decline of the Sioux, 1866-1890, Author: John W. Bailey
Title: A Hollow Threat: Strategic Air Power and Containment Before Korea, Author: Harry R. Borowski
Title: The Rebirth of the Habsburg Army: Friedrich Beck and the Rise of the General Staff, Author: Scott Lackey
Title: The Image of the Army Officer in America: Background for Current Views, Author: Charles Kemble

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