Title: Fighting Power: German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945, Author: Martin van Creveld
Title: The Maltese Cross: A Strategic History of Malta, Author: Dennis Castillo
Title: The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Author: Natalie Mychajlyszyn
Title: Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Author: Natalie L. Mychajlyszyn
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Title: Trial by Fire: Command and the British Expeditionary Force in 1914, Author: Nikolas Gardner
Title: The Cross and the Trenches: Religious Faith and Doubt among British and American Great War Soldiers, Author: Richard Schweitzer
Title: The Later Thirty Years War: From the Battle of Wittstock to the Treaty of Westphalia, Author: William P. Guthrie
Title: Guns in the Desert: General Jean-Pierre Doguereau's Journal of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition, Author: Rosemary Brindle
Title: To the Bitter End: Paraguay and the War of the Triple Alliance, Author: Christopher Leuchars
Title: Defense Relations between Australia and Indonesia in the Post-Cold War Era, Author: Bilveer Singh
Title: Henry Lloyd and the Military Enlightenment of Eighteenth- Century Europe, Author: Patrick Speelman
Title: Forged in War: The Continental Congress and the Origin of Military Supply and Acquisition Policy, Author: Lucille E. Horgan
Title: United States Military Assistance: An Empirical Perspective, Author: William H. Mott IV
Title: Tricolor Over the Sahara: The Desert Battles of the Free French, 1940-1942, Author: Edward L. Bimberg
Title: Tides in the Affairs of Men: The Social History of Elizabethan Seamen, 1580-1603, Author: Cheryl Fury
Title: Conscription and Democracy: The Draft in France, Great Britain, and the United States, Author: George Q. Flynn
Title: A Navy Second to None: The History of U.S. Naval Training in World War I, Author: Michael D. Besch
Title: A Grateful Heart: The History of a World War I Field Hospital, Author: Michael E. Shay
Title: Home by Christmas: The Illusion of Victory in 1944, Author: Ronald Andidora
Title: Battles of the Thirty Years War: From White Mountain to Nordlingen, 1618-1635, Author: William P. Guthrie

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