Title: Imperial Spies Invade Russia: The British Intelligence Interventions, 1918, Author: A.J. Plotke
Title: Global Double Zero: The INF Treaty from Its Origins to Implementation, Author: George Rueckert
Title: Unconventional Conflicts in a New Security Era: Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam, Author: Sam C. Sarkesian
Title: Mad Jack: The Biography of Captain John Percival, USN, 1779-1862, Author: David Long
Title: Reconsiderations on the Revolutionary War: Selected Essays, Author: R. Don Higginbotham
Title: The Search for Strategy: Politics and Strategic Vision, Author: Gary L. Guertner
Title: The Sorcerer As Apprentice, Author: Stephen Blank
Title: Uneasy Coalition: The Entente Experience in World War I, Author: Jehuda L Wallach
Title: Paying the Premium: A Military Insurance Policy for Peace and Freedom, Author: Walter Hahn
Title: Peacekeepers and Their Wives: American Participation in the Multinational Force and Observers / Edition 1, Author: David R. Segal
Title: In Caesar's Shadow: The Life of General Robert Eichelberger, Author: Paul Chwialkowski
Title: Looking Back on the Vietnam War: A 1990s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies, Author: Lawrence E. Grinter
Title: Passchendaele and the Royal Navy, Author: Andrew A. Wiest
Title: Scientific Information in Wartime: The Allied-German Rivalry, 1939-1945, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Specht Journal: A Military Journal of the Burgoyne Campaign, Author: Helga Doblin
Title: United States Army Logistics: The Normandy Campaign, 1944, Author: Steve R. Waddell
Title: U.S. Domestic and National Security Agendas: Into the Twenty-First Century, Author: John Flanagin
Title: The U.S. Constitution and the Power to Go to War: Historical and Current Perspectives, Author: Gary M. Stern
Title: Marching Toward the 21st Century: Military Manpower and Recruiting, Author: Stephen L. Mehay
Title: The Changing Face of National Security: A Conceptual Analysis, Author: Robert Mandel

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