Title: Mechanized Juggernaut or Military Anachronism?: Horses and the German Army of World War II / Edition 1, Author: Richard L. DiNardo
Title: The Twenty-first Missouri: From Home Guard to Union Regiment, Author: Leslie Anders
Title: Treatise on Partisan Warfare, Author: Johan Ewald
Title: Militarism and Politics in Latin America: Peru from Sanchez Cerro to Sendero Luminoso / Edition 1, Author: Daniel Masterson
Title: Controlling and Ending Conflict: Issues Before and After the Cold War, Author: Stephen J. Cimbala
Title: The Duke of Wellington and the British Army of Occupation in France, 1815-1818, Author: Thomas Dwight Veve
Title: For King and Kaiser!: The Making of the Prussian Army Officer, 1860-1914, Author: Steven E. Clemente
Title: The Politics of the Second Front: American Military Planning and Diplomacy in Coalition Warfare, 1941-1943, Author: Mark Stoler
Title: Soviet Military Doctrine from Lenin to Gorbachev, 1915-1991, Author: Willard C. Frank
Title: Raiders or Elite Infantry?: The Changing Role of the U.S. Army Rangers from Dieppe to Grenada, Author: David W. Hogan
Title: Soviet Military Reform in the Twentieth Century: Three Case Studies, Author: Raymond J. Swider
Title: Beyond Glasnost: Soviet Reform and Security Issues, Author: David T. Twining
Title: Hidden Ally: The French Resistance, Special Operations, and the Landings in Southern France, 1944, Author: Arthur L. Funk
Title: The U.S. Navy, the Mediterranean, and the Cold War, 1945-1947, Author: Edward J. Sheehy
Title: The Soviet Military and the Future, Author: Stephen J. Blank
Title: The Laws of Land Warfare: A Guide to the U.S. Army Manuals, Author: Donald A. Wells
Title: The Anatomy of a Small War: The Soviet-Japanese Struggle for Changkufeng/Khasan, 1938, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The U.S. Military: Ready for the New World Order?, Author: John Peters
Title: Joint Military Operations: A Short History / Edition 1, Author: Roger Beaumont
Title: Military Helicopter Doctrines of the Major Powers, 1945-1992: Making Decisions about Air-Land Warfare, Author: Matthew Allen

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