Title: Class, Sex, and the Woman Worker, Author: Milton Cantor
Title: Domination, Legitimation, and Resistance: The Incorporation of the Nineteenth Century English Working Class, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Knights of Labor in the South, Author: Melton Mclaurin
Title: The Limits of Trade Union Militancy: The Lancashire Textile Workers, 1910-1914, Author: Joseph Robert White
Title: Coal, Iron, and Slaves: Industrial Slavery in Maryland and Virginia, 1715$1865, Author: Ronald Lewis
Title: American Workingclass Culture: Explorations in American Labor and Social History, Author: Milton Cantor
Title: Working-Class Community in Industrial America: Work, Leisure, and Struggle in Two Industrial Cities, 1880$1930, Author: John T. Cumbler
Title: Organizing Dixie: Alabama Workers in the Industrial Era, Author: Marilyn A. Blake
Title: At the Point of Production: The Local History of the I.W.W, Author: Joseph R. Conlin
Title: Conflict and Accommodation: Coal Miners, Steel Workers, and Socialism, 1890-1920, Author: Michael Nash
Title: Division of Labor, A Political Perspective., Author: Elliott Krause
Title: Radicalism and Freethought in Nineteenth-Century Britain: The Life of Richard Carlile, Author: Joel H. Wiener
Title: Ideology and the Rise of Labor Theory in America., Author: John A. De Brizzi
Title: White Collar Workers in Transition: The Boom Years, 1940-1970, Author: Mark Mccolloch
Title: Labor Migration in the Atlantic Economies: The European and North American Working Classes During the Period of Industrialization, Author: Dirk Hoerder
Title: Proletarians and Protest: The Roots of Class Formation in an Industrializing World, Author: Michael  Hanagan
Title: Confrontation, Class Consciousness, and the Labor Process: Studies in Proletarian Class Formation, Author: Michael  Hanagan
Title: We Offer Ourselves as Evidence: Toward Workers' Control of Occupational Health, Author: B M Judkins
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Title: Between Class and Nation: The Formation of the Jewish Working Class in the Period Before Israel's Statehood, Author: Amir Ben Porat
Title: Solidarity or Survival?: American Labor and European Immigrants, 1830-1924, Author: A. A. Lane

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