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Title: Language: An Ecological View, Author: Mark Garner
Title: Building Up Aspect: A study of aspect and related categories in Bulgarian, with parallels in English and French, Author: Maria Stambolieva
Title: The Advanced Learner Variety: The Case of French, Author: Emmannuelle Labeau
Title: Learning Politeness: Disagreement in a Second Language, Author: Ian Walkinshaw
Title: Researching Intertextual Reading, Author: Stephen Bax
Title: Language Use and Identity: The Sylheti Bangladeshis in Leeds, Author: Shahela Hamid
Title: The Past Tense in Polish and French: A Semantic Approach to Translation, Author: Magdalena Karolak
Title: Dynamic Linguistics: Labov, Martinet, Jakobson and other Precursors of the Dynamic Approach to Language Description, Author: Iwan Wmffre
Title: Modality and Its Learner Variety in Japanese / Edition 1, Author: Razaul Faquire
Title: Interdisciplinarity and Languages: Current Issues in Research, Teaching, Professional Applications and ICT, Author: Francisca Antonia Suau Jimenez
Title: A Corpus-Based Study of Nominalization in Translations of Chinese Literary Prose: Three Versions of
Title: Perceiving Identity through Accent: Attitudes towards Non-Native Speakers and their Accents in English, Author: Bettina Beinhoff
Title: Elements of Hermeneutic Pragmatics: Agency and Interpretation, Author: Tahir Wood
Title: One Word, Two Genders: Categorization and Agreement in Dutch Double Gender Nouns, Author: Chiara Semplicini
Title: Semantics for Translation Students: Arabic-English-Arabic, Author: Ali Almanna
Title: A Unified and Integrative Theory of Language, Author: Pablo Kirtchuk
Title: Verbal Semantics in a Tibeto-Burman Language: The Bodo Verb, Author: Prafulla Basumatary
Title: Towards a Better Understanding of Metonymy, Author: Wojciech Wachowski
Title: The Writing of Aletheia: Martin Heidegger: In Language, Author: Martin Travers
Title: Cognitive Linguistic Explorations of Writing in the Classroom, Author: Rod Case

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