Title: Hard Times Create Strong Men: Why the World Craves Leadership and How You Can Step Up to Fill the Need, Author: Stefan Aarnio
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Title: Soul Care: 7 Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim and the Purpose of Life, Author: August Turak
Title: Global Warming: The Great Deception, Author: Guy  K Mitchell Jr.
Title: The Tenderness of Jesus: An Invitation to Experience the Savior, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: Rebound: From Pain to Passion - Leadership Lessons Learned, Author: Matt Doherty
Title: The Soul Care Leader: Healthy Living and Leading, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: Pray to Love: A Contemplative Life, Author: Anne Goetze
Title: Among The Greatest: Make the Decision To Change Your Life One Step At a Time, Author: Joshua White
Title: Global Warming: The Great Deception, Author: Guy K Mitchell
Title: Intoxicating Lies: One Woman's Journey to Freedom from Gray Area Drinking, Author: Meg Geisewite
Title: Advice Matters: Extraordinary Results Come From Extraordinary Coaches and Mentors, Author: Tony Jeary
Title: Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer What to Expect What to Know What to do Next, Author: Arlene M. Karole CHCP
Title: Ethical Theory and Pertinent Standards in Women's Reproductive Health: The Foundational CRHSS Medical Ethics Manual, Author: James R. Harden M. Div
Title: Jackie, a Boy, and a Dog: A Warm Cold War Story, Author: Mark D Bruce
Title: Lift, Author: Amy Burgard
Title: Spiritual Authority: Partnering with God to Release the Kingdom, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: X: The Ten Commandments of Negotiation, Author: Stefan Aarnio
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Title: A Little Faith Lift: Finding Joy Beyond Rejection, Author: Patty LaRoche
Title: Listing Boss: The Definitive Blueprint for Real Estate Success, Author: Hoss Pratt

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