Title: I'm Kate's Daughter: A Paid Sniper, Author: Bryce Thunder King
Title: Falling Stars, Author: Ashlyne Huff Revelette
Title: Friendship: 101 Ways To Be a Better Friend, Author: Paige Jeary
Title: The Ables, Author: Jeremy Scott
Title: Memory Restored, Author: Amanda Diaz
Title: Chronicles of the Second Realm, Author: Reid Edgett
Title: Redeeming Judas: Finding Worth in an Age of Self-Doubt, Author: Steve Jordan
Title: Digging Deeper Into History: A Study Guide for Shepherd, Potter, Spy-and the Star Namer, Author: Peggy Miracle Consolver
Title: Sex At First Sight, Author: Richard Simmons III
Title: The Star Namer and the Unchosen, Author: Peggy Miracle Consolver
Title: 30 Day Return to Play Journal: An Edge in Sports, Mental Reps for Life, Author: Priscilla Tallman
Title: How To Break a Paradox: Book One of The Laelaps Files, Author: Ruthanna Witter