Title: The Rise to Power (Revised Edition), Author: David Francis Cook
Title: Gabriel and Esther: A Novel Inspired By A True Story, Author: Toni Lisa Brown
Title: In the Company of Decent Men, Author: Andy Horne
Title: Falling Stars, Author: Ashlyne Huff Revelette
Title: The Temptation to Greed (Revised Edition), Author: David Francis Cook
Title: Compromised Journey, Author: Parmella Miles
Title: A Time to Serve, Author: Jennifer Widemire Smith
Title: The Ables, Author: Jeremy Scott
Title: The Dedicated Dancer, Author: Marcy Bowser
Title: The Linden Tree, Author: S.D.M. Carpenter
Title: Ethan Park: A Legacy, Author: Peter P. Parrie
Title: Scout's Honor, Author: Bea Reames
Title: Behemoth, Author: John Ingelin
Title: Sylverhawk, Author: Geoff Gilson
Title: I'm Kate's Daughter: A Paid Sniper, Author: Bryce Thunder King