Title: Blast from the Past
Title: Stand Up Guys
Title: A View to a Kill
Title: Wedding Crashers
Title: Brainstorm
Director: Douglas Trumbull
Title: Hairspray
Director: Adam Shankman
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Title: Communion
Director: Philippe Mora
Title: The Country Bears
Director: Peter Hastings
Title: Catch Me If You Can
Title: Seven Psychopaths
Title: Heaven's Gate
Title: The Comfort of Strangers
Title: Wayne's World 2
Title: Dead Zone (Collector's Edition)
Title: The Addiction
Director: Abel Ferrara
Title: Click
Director: Frank Coraci
Title: Wild Side
Director: Franklin Brauner
Title: Homeboy
Director: Michael Seresin
Title: Pennies from Heaven
Director: Herbert Ross
Title: $5 a Day
Director: Nigel Cole

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