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Title: F.A.Q.: AFVs: Frequently Asked Questions on AFV Painting Techniques, Author: Miguel Jimenez
Title: Deutsche Luftwaffe: Uniforms and Equipment of the German Pilot, Author: Gustavo Cano
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Title: Armies of Bismarck's Wars: Prussia, 1860-67, Author: Bruce Basset Powell
Title: The G.I. Collector's Guide: U.S. Army Service Forces Catalog, European Theater of Operations: Volume 2, Author: Henri-Paul Enjames Pre-Order Now
Title: The G.I. Collector's Guide: U.S. Army Service Forces Catalog, European Theater of Operations: Volume 1, Author: Henri-Paul Enjames Pre-Order Now
Title: Frequently Asked Questions for Constructing and Painting Dioramas, Author: Mario Milla
Title: How Armies Grow: The Expansion of Military Forces in the Age of Total War 1789-1945, Author: Matthias Strohn
Title: US Elite Forces: Uniforms, Equipment & Personal Items. Vietnam 1965-1975, Author: Marti Demiquels
Title: Erich Von Manstein: Hitler's Master Strategist, Author: Benoit Lemay
Title: Mercedes Benz Type G4 (W31): The Ultimate Study, Author: Luis Miguel Sanchez
Title: The Marine Corps Tanks Collection, Author: Oscar E. Gilbert
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Title: Circus: Inside the World of Professional Bike Racing, Author: Camille McMillan
Title: Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, Author: Carlos J. Medina
Title: SOG - A Photo History of the Secret Wars, Author: John L Plaster USAR (Ret) Pre-Order Now
Title: G.A. Custer to the Little Big Horn, Author: Steve Alexander
Title: Fogg in the Cockpit: Howard Fogg-Master Railroad Artist, World War II Fighter Pilot, Author: Janet Fogg
Title: The Battle of Britain: An Epic Conflict Revisited, Author: Christer Bergström
Title: The Dragon's Teeth: The Chinese People's Liberation Army-Its History, Traditions, and Air Sea and Land Capability in the 21st Century, Author: Benjamin Lai
Title: Sharks of the Air: The Story of Willy Messerschmitt and the Development of History's First Operational Jet Fighter, Author: James Neal Harvey
Title: The Battle of the Denmark Strait: A Critical Analysis of the Bismarck's Singular Triumph, Author: Robert J. Winklareth

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