Title: The Human Face of D-Day: Walking the Battlefields of Normandy: Essays, Reflections, and Conversations with Veterans of the Longest Day, Author: Keith Nightingale (Ret) Pre-Order Now
Title: Retreat through the Rhone Valley: Defensive battles of 19th Army, August-September 1944, Author: Jörg Staiger Pre-Order Now
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Title: For the Boys: The True Account of a Combat Nurse in Patton's Third Army, Author: N C R Davis Pre-Order Now
Title: From Rome to the Po River: The 362 Infantry Division, 1944-45, Author: Heinz Greiner Pre-Order Now
Title: Battle for Skyline Ridge: The CIA Secret War in Laos, Author: James E. Parker Jr Pre-Order Now
Title: Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History, Author: Robin Bartlett Pre-Order Now
Title: USAAF Bomber Crew Pocket Manual, 1941-45, Author: Chris McNab Pre-Order Now
Title: The U.S. Military Intelligence Pocket Manual: 1941-45, Author: Chris McNab Pre-Order Now
Title: Bloody Verrières. The I. SS-Panzerkorps Defence of the Verrières-Bourguebus Ridges: Volume 2: The Defeat of Operation Spring and the Battles of Tilly-La-Campagne, 23 July - 5 August 1944, Author: Arthur W Gullachsen Pre-Order Now
Title: The Northern Strategy, 1776, Author: David Smith Pre-Order Now
Title: The Coming Storm, 1763-75, Author: Rachael Abbiss Pre-Order Now
Title: The U.S. Army Engineer Pocket Manual: 1941-45, Author: Chris McNab Pre-Order Now
Title: Keeping the Peace: Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 During the Cold War 1946-1991, Author: Steven K Dixon Pre-Order Now
Title: Winning French Minds: Radio Propaganda in Occupied France, 1940-42, Author: Denis Courtois Pre-Order Now
Title: SOG Kontum: Secret Missions in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia 1968-1969, Author: Joe Parnar Pre-Order Now
Title: Nightstalkers: The Wright Project and the 868th Bomb Squadron in World War II, Author: Richard Phillip Lawless Pre-Order Now
Title: The Venlo Sting: MI6's Deadly Fiasco, Author: Norman Ridley Pre-Order Now
Title: The Spy from Place Saint-Sulpice: A Novel, Author: Barry Broman Pre-Order Now
Title: Corporal Cannon: A Female Marine in Afghanistan, Author: Savannah Cannon Pre-Order Now
Title: Sharpen Your Bayonets: A Biography of Lieutenant General John Wilson Pre-Order Now

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