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Title: Soul Care, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: Global Warming: The Great Deception, Author: Guy  K Mitchell Jr.
Title: Architecting A Company of Owners: Company Culture By Design, Author: Daren Martin
Title: How To Get A Job While In High School And Beyond, Author: Bob Striegel
Title: Transformed, Author: Sandy Boyd
Title: I Have To, Author: Christy Fay
Title: God in Eclipse, Author: John Metzger
Title: Spiritual Journey, Author: Dr. Wanda Walborn
Title: Leroy: A Tale of Adventure and Romance on the Trail to Texas in 1870, Author: K.G. Griffin
Title: Mixed Company, Author: Andy Horne
Title: Yo God! Can You Hook Me Up With a Wave?!, Author: Rob Robinson
Title: Fragile, Author: Samantha Arroyo
Title: Castles of the Heart, Author: Hale Meserow
Title: Keeping Your Balance: Navigating Wisely through the Challenges of Life, Author: Pam Hardy
Title: Tatiana and the Russian Wolves, Author: Stephen Evans Jordan
Title: I Am A Dancer, Author: Anita Grace
Title: Your Glorious Endeavor, Author: Kevin F. Brownlee
Title: Road Trip, Author: James Ingvoldstad
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Title: Pilgrimage to Pentecost, Author: Phillip Brassfield
Title: A Walk With The Light In The Shadows: An Intimate Journey Living with Bipolar Disorder and God, Author: Paul Gaumer

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