Title: Forty Names, Author: Parwana Fayyaz
Title: Catullus: Shibari Carmina, Author: Isobel Williams
Title: A Responsibility to Awe, Author: Rebecca Elson
Title: Naming of the Bones, Author: John F. Deane Pre-Order Now
Title: Collected Poems, Author: Anthony Burgess
Title: Deformations, Author: Sasha Dugdale
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Title: Posthumous Cantos, Author: Ezra Pound
Title: Complete Poems: Charles Baudelaire, Author: Charles Baudelaire
Title: Gilgamesh Retold, Author: Jenny Lewis
Title: The Air Year, Author: Caroline Bird
Title: The Lantern Cage, Author: Kelly Grovier
Title: New Poetries VIII, Author: John McAuliffe
Title: Mary Shelley: A Biography, Author: Muriel Spark
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Title: Mother Muse, Author: Lorna Goodison
Title: In Nearby Bushes, Author: Kei Miller
Title: B (After Dante), Author: Ned Denny
Title: Gillian Clarke: Collected Poems, Author: Gillian Clarke
Title: The Debt to Pleasure, Author: John Adlard
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Title: On the Thirteenth Stroke of Midnight: Surrealist Poetry in England, Author: Michel Remy
Title: The Essence of the Brontes: A Compilation with Essays, Author: Muriel Spark

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