Title: Forty Names, Author: Parwana Fayyaz
Title: A Responsibility to Awe, Author: Rebecca Elson
Title: Gillian Clarke: Collected Poems, Author: Gillian Clarke
Title: B (After Dante), Author: Ned Denny
Title: Collected Poems, Author: Anthony Burgess
Title: Vasko Popa: Complete Poems 1953-1987, Author: Vasko Popa
Title: Jean Follain: 130 Poems, Author: Jean Follain
Title: The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion, Author: Kei Miller
Title: There Is an Anger That Moves, Author: Kei Miller
Title: The Shepherd's Calendar, Author: John Clare
Title: Angular Desire: Selected Poems and Prose, Author: Srinivas Rayaprol
Title: Gilgamesh Retold, Author: Jenny Lewis
Title: Complete Poems: Charles Baudelaire, Author: Charles Baudelaire
Title: New Selected Poems, Author: Christina Rossetti
Title: The Windows of Graceland, Author: Martina Evans
Title: Mary Shelley: A Biography, Author: Muriel Spark
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Title: Homunculus, Author: James Womack
Title: Catullus: Shibari Carmina, Author: Isobel Williams
Title: Vladimir Mayakovsky and Other Poems, Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Title: Eat or We Both Starve, Author: Victoria Kennefick

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