Title: What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches / Edition 1, Author: Erwin Schrodinger
Title: Alexander the Great, Author: Cambridge University Press
Title: Spinoza: A Life, Author: Steven Nadler
Title: My View of the World, Author: Erwin Schrödinger
Title: Amenhotep III: Egypt's Radiant Pharaoh, Author: Arielle P. Kozloff
Title: Rommel's Desert War: Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941-1943, Author: Martin Kitchen
Title: The Merchant of Venice, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics: The 1986 Dirac Memorial Lectures, Author: Richard P. Feynman
Title: The Succession to Muhammad: A Study of the Early Caliphate / Edition 1, Author: Wilferd Madelung
Title: The Life of Isaac Newton, Author: Richard S. Westfall
Title: Every Day Lasts a Year: A Jewish Family's Correspondence from Poland, Author: Christopher R. Browning
Title: The Rise and Rule of Tamerlane / Edition 1, Author: Beatrice Forbes Manz
Title: Locke: A Biography, Author: Roger Woolhouse
Title: The Fall of Napoleon: Volume 1, The Allied Invasion of France, 1813-1814, Author: Michael V. Leggiere
Title: The Diplomas of King Aethlred 'the Unready' 978-1016, Author: S. Keynes
Title: Memories of Beethoven: From the House of the Black-Robed Spaniards / Edition 1, Author: Gerhard von Breuning
Title: Alfred, Lord Tennyson: A Memoir, Author: Hallam Tennyson
Title: Arrian: Alexander the Great: Selections from Arrian, Author: Arrian
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Title: Women Warriors and Wartime Spies of China, Author: Louise Edwards
Title: Never Sang for Hitler: The Life and Times of Lotte Lehmann, 1888-1976, Author: Michael H. Kater

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