Title: Hexaflexagons, Probability Paradoxes, and the Tower of Hanoi: Martin Gardner's First Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Games, Author: Martin Gardner
Title: Calculated Bets: Computers, Gambling, and Mathematical Modeling to Win, Author: Steven S. Skiena
Title: Global Collective Action, Author: Todd Sandler
Title: An Introduction to Decision Theory / Edition 2, Author: Martin Peterson
Title: Instructional Planning Systems: A Gaming-Simulation Approach to Urban Problems, Author: John L. Taylor
Title: Social Choice and the Mathematics of Manipulation, Author: Alan D. Taylor
Title: Insights into Game Theory: An Alternative Mathematical Experience, Author: Ein-Ya Gura
Title: The Prisoner's Dilemma, Author: Martin Peterson
Title: Economics and the Theory of Games / Edition 1, Author: Fernando Vega-Redondo
Title: The Prisoner's Dilemma, Author: Martin Peterson
Title: Games of No Chance, Author: Richard J. Nowakowski
Title: More Games of No Chance, Author: Richard Nowakowski
Title: Mechanisms and Games for Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, Author: Tansu Alpcan
Title: Equilibrium and Rationality: Game Theory Revised by Decision Rules, Author: Paul Weirich
Title: Paradoxes of Belief and Strategic Rationality, Author: Robert C. Koons
Title: Theory of Moves / Edition 1, Author: Steven J. Brams
Title: Cognitive Radio Networking and Security: A Game-Theoretic View, Author: K. J. Ray Liu
Title: Market Structure and Competition Policy: Game-Theoretic Approaches, Author: George Norman
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Title: The Economics of Imperfect Information, Author: Louis Phlips
Title: Evolution and the Theory of Games, Author: John Maynard Smith

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