Title: The Names of Plants / Edition 4, Author: David Gledhill
Title: Grass Evolution and Domestication, Author: G. P. Chapman
Title: Flowering Plants in West Africa, Author: Margaret Steentoft
Title: Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century, Author: Burton Richter
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Title: Insectivorous Plants, Author: Charles Darwin
Title: Evolutionary Ecology of Plant Reproductive Strategies, Author: Tom de Jong
Title: Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden, Author: Maria Theresa Villiers Earle
Title: Terrestrial Orchids: From Seed to Mycotrophic Plant, Author: Hanne N. Rasmussen
Title: Human Territorial Functioning: An Empirical, Evolutionary Perspective on Individual and Small Group Territorial Cognitions, Behaviors, and Consequences, Author: Ralph B. Taylor
Title: Seed Dormancy in Grasses, Author: G. M. Simpson
Title: Civilizing Security, Author: Ian Loader
Title: Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Reproduction, Author: R. J. Scott
Title: The Italian Garden: Art, Design and Culture, Author: John Dixon Hunt
Title: Territorial Ambitions and the Gardens of Versailles, Author: Chandra Mukerji
Title: An Introduction to Feng Shui, Author: Ole Bruun
Title: The Living Fields: Our Agricultural Heritage, Author: Jack Rodney Harlan
Title: Handbook of North European Garden Plants: With Keys to Families and Genera, Author: James Cullen
Title: Floral Diagrams: An Aid to Understanding Flower Morphology and Evolution, Author: Louis P. Ronse De Craene
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Title: Water, Fungi and Plants: Symposium of the British Mycological Society Held at the University of Lancaster, April 1985, Author: P. G. Ayres
Title: The Biology of Vines, Author: Francis E. Putz

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