Title: Histoire de la Révolution Française, Author: Louis Blanc
Title: Chronicles of Bow Street Police-Office: With an Account of the Magistrates, 'Runners', and Police; and a Selection of the Most Interesting Cases, Author: Percy Fitzgerald
Title: The Criminal Prisons of London: And Scenes of Prison Life, Author: Henry Mayhew
Title: The Dispatches and Letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson, Author: Horatio Nelson
Title: An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales, Both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony, Author: John Dunmore Lang
Title: Selections from the Minutes and Other Official Writings of the Honourable Mountstuart Elphinstone, Governor of Bombay: With an Introductory Memoir, Author: Mountstuart Elphinstone
Title: The History of New South Wales: With an Account of Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania], New Zealand, Port Phillip [Victoria], Moreton Bay, and Other Australian Settlements, Author: Roderick Flanagan
Title: Pauperism and Poor Laws, Author: Robert Pashley
Title: History of the Zulu War and its Origin, Author: Frances Colenso
Title: Études et leçons sur la Révolution Française, Author: Alphonse Aulard
Title: Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825, Author: Reginald Heber
Title: The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: A History of English Gardening, Chronological, Biographical, Literary, and Critical: Tracing the Progress of the Art in This Country from the Invasion of the Romans to the Present Time, Author: George William Johnson
Title: The History of Persia: From the Most Early Period to the Present Time, Author: John Malcolm
Title: A Treatise on the Industry of Nations: Or, the Principles of National Economy and Taxation, Author: Joseph Salway Eisdell
Title: Round about Piccadilly and Pall Mall: Or, a Ramble from the Haymarket to Hyde Park, Author: Henry Benjamin Wheatley
Title: The Political History of India, from 1784 to 1823, Author: John Malcolm
Title: A Journey Through the Kingdom of Oude in 1849-1850: With Private Correspondence Relative to the Annexation of Oude to British India, etc., Author: W. H. Sleeman
Title: Sketch of the Political History of India from the Introduction of Mr. Pitt's Bill, A.D. 1784, to the Present Date, Author: John Malcolm
Title: Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time: Containing the History of Australasia from 1542 to Date, Author: J. H. Heaton

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