Title: Harriet Martineau's Autobiography, Author: Harriet Martineau
Title: Homes of the London Poor, Author: Octavia Hill
Title: A Shepherd's Life: Impressions of the South Wiltshire Downs, Author: William Henry Hudson
Title: Reformatory Schools: For the Children of the Perishing and Dangerous Classes, and for Juvenile Offenders, Author: Mary Carpenter
Title: Memoirs of Alexis Soyer: With Unpublished Receipts and Odds and Ends of Gastronomy, Author: Alexis Soyer
Title: Woman's Work and Woman's Culture: A Series of Essays, Author: Josephine Butler
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Title: Model Dwelling-Houses: With a Description of the Model Tenement Erected Within the Grounds of the International Exhibition of Industry Science, and Art, Edinburgh, 1886, Author: James Gowans
Title: The Life of Sir Halliday Macartney, K.C.M.G.: Commander of Li Hung Chang's Trained Force in the Taeping Rebellion, Founder of the First Chinese Arsenals, for Thirty Years Councillor and Secretary to the Chinese Legation in London, Author: Demetrius Charles Boulger
Title: Rural England: Being an Account of Agricultural and Social Researches Carried Out in the Years 1901 and 1902, Author: H. Rider Haggard
Title: The Life and Work of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, K.G., Author: Edwin Hodder
Title: The Constitution Violated: An Essay, Author: Josephine Butler
Title: The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen: A Judge of the High Court of Justice, Author: Leslie Stephen
Title: The Amateur Poacher, Author: Richard Jefferies
Title: Prisons and Prisoners: Some Personal Experiences, Author: Constance Lytton
Title: A Select Collection of Scarce and Valuable Economical Tracts: From the Originals of Defoe, Elking, Franklin, Turgot, Anderson, Schomberg, Townsend, Burke, Bell, and Others, Author: J. R. McCulloch
Title: The Christian and Civic Economy of Large Towns: Volume 2, Author: Thomas Chalmers
Title: James Mill: A Biography, Author: Alexander Bain
Title: The Bettesworth Book: Talks with a Surrey Peasant, Author: George Sturt
Title: The Cambridge History of British Foreign Policy, 1783-1919, Author: Adolphus William Ward
Title: History and Description of the Crystal Palace: and the Exhibition of the World's Industry in 1851, Author: John Tallis

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