Title: From Sketch-Book and Diary: With Twenty-Eight Illustrations in Colour and Twenty-One Small Sketches in the Text by the Author, Author: Elizabeth Butler
Title: The Life and Letters of Washington Allston: With Reproductions from Allston's Pictures, Author: Jared Bradley Flagg
Title: William Morris: Artist, Writer, Socialist, Author: May Morris
Title: A Glossary of Terms Used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture, Author: John Henry Parker
Title: Observations on the Coasts of Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent: Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, Made in the Summer of the Year 1774, Author: William Gilpin
Title: The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture: With an Explanation of Technical Terms, and a Centenary of Ancient Terms, Author: Matthew Holbeche Bloxam
Title: Life of Benjamin Robert Haydon, Historical Painter: From his Autobiography and Journals, Author: Benjamin Robert Haydon
Title: The Genuine Works of William Hogarth: Illustrated with Biographical Anecdotes, a Chronological Catalogue, and Commentary, Author: John Nichols
Title: Architectural Notes on German Churches: With Remarks on the Origin of Gothic Architecture, Author: William Whewell
Title: An Historical Essay on Architecture: Volume 1, Author: Thomas Hope
Title: The Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Ll.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., etc., Late President of the Royal Academy: Volume 1: Comprising Original Anecdotes of Many Distinguished Persons, his Contemporaries, and a Brief Analysis of his Discourses, Author: James Northcote
Title: An Artist's Reminiscences, Author: Walter Crane
Title: Correspondence and Table-Talk: With a Memoir by his Son, Author: Benjamin Robert Haydon
Title: Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Author: William Holman Hunt
Title: A Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture: With Illustrations, Notes, and an Examination of Grecian Architecture, Author: William Chambers
Title: Vorschule der Aesthetik, Author: Gustav Theodor Fechner
Title: Letters of an Architect from France, Italy and Greece, Author: Joseph Woods
Title: A Memoir of Thomas Bewick Written by Himself: Embellished by Numerous Wood Engravings, Designed and Engraved by the Author for a Work on British Fishes, and Never before Published, Author: Thomas Bewick
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Title: The Life and Letters of Sir John Everett Millais: President of the Royal Academy, Author: John Guille Millais
Title: Hogarth's London: Pictures of the Manners of the Eighteenth Century, Author: Henry Benjamin Wheatley

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