Title: An Artist's Reminiscences, Author: Walter Crane
Title: Contrasts: Or, A Parallel between the Noble Edifices of the Middle Ages and Corresponding Buildings of the Present Day, Author: A. W. Pugin
Title: The Genuine Works of William Hogarth: Illustrated with Biographical Anecdotes, a Chronological Catalogue, and Commentary, Author: John Nichols
Title: History of Indian and Eastern Architecture: Volume 2, Author: James Fergusson
Title: Palissy the Potter: The Life of Bernard Palissy, of Saintes, his Labours and Discoveries in Art and Science, Author: Henry Morley
Title: Autobiographical Recollections: With a Prefatory Essay on Leslie as an Artist, and Selections from his Correspondence, Author: Charles Robert Leslie
Title: Correspondence and Table-Talk: With a Memoir by his Son, Author: Benjamin Robert Haydon
Title: An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste, Author: Richard Payne Knight
Title: Treasures of Art in Great Britain: Being an Account of the Chief Collections of Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Illuminated Mss., Author: Gustav Friedrich Waagen
Title: The Life and Letters of Joseph Severn, Author: William Sharp
Title: The Life and Letters of Washington Allston: With Reproductions from Allston's Pictures, Author: Jared Bradley Flagg
Title: Vorschule der Aesthetik, Author: Gustav Theodor Fechner
Title: The Life of J. M. W. Turner: Founded on Letters and Papers Furnished by his Friends and Fellow Academicians, Author: Walter Thornbury
Title: Sketches of the History of Christian Art, Author: Alexander William Crawford Lindsay
Title: The Formal Garden in England, Author: Reginald Theodore Blomfield
Title: Souvenirs of Madame Vig�e Le Brun, Author: Louise-Elisabeth Vigïe-Lebrun
Title: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his Labours in the Cause of Irish Art and Antiquities, from 1760 to 1780, Author: William Robert Wilde
Title: The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in England, Author: Augustus Welby Pugin
Title: The Art of Decorative Design, Author: Christopher Dresser
Title: An Historical Inquiry into the True Principles of Beauty in Art: More Especially with Reference to Architecture, Author: James Fergusson

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