Title: Theologies of Ancient Greek Religion, Author: Esther Eidinow
Title: Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity: Poets, Artists and Biography, Author: Richard Fletcher
Title: Vitruvius and Later Roman Building Manuals, Author: Hugh Plommer
Title: Carthage in Virgil's Aeneid: Staging the Enemy under Augustus, Author: Elena Giusti
Title: Epicurus and Democritean Ethics: An Archaeology of Ataraxia, Author: James Warren
Title: Absolute Constructions in Early Indo-European, Author: Antonia Ruppel
Title: Justice and Reciprocity in Aristotle's Political Philosophy, Author: Kazutaka Inamura
Title: Latin Translation in the Renaissance: The Theory and Practice of Leonardo Bruni, Giannozzo Manetti and Desiderius Erasmus, Author: Paul Botley
Title: Three Historians of Alexander the Great, Author: N. G. L. Hammond
Title: The Woodwork of Greek Roofs, Author: A. Trevor Hodge
Title: Population and Economy in Classical Athens, Author: Ben Akrigg
Title: Virgil's Ascanius: Imagining the Future in the Aeneid, Author: Anne Rogerson
Title: Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman Provinces, Author: J. P. Wild
Title: Myth and Poetry in Lucretius, Author: Monica R. Gale
Title: Language and Linguistic Contact in Ancient Sicily, Author: Olga Tribulato
Title: Emperor and Senators in the Reign of Constantius II: Maintaining Imperial Rule Between Rome and Constantinople in the Fourth Century AD, Author: Muriel Moser
Title: The Transformation of Mathematics in the Early Mediterranean World: From Problems to Equations, Author: Reviel Netz
Title: Hesiodic Voices: Studies in the Ancient Reception of Hesiod's Works and Days, Author: Richard Hunter
Title: The Authenticity of Prometheus Bound, Author: Mark Griffith
Title: Latin Literature and its Transmission, Author: Richard Hunter

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