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Title: Apuleius' Platonism: The Impersonation of Philosophy, Author: Richard Fletcher
Title: Athletes and Oracles: The Transformation of Olympia and Delphi in the Eighth Century BC, Author: Catherine Morgan
Title: Creating the Ancient Rhetorical Tradition, Author: Laura Viidebaum
Title: Peasants and Slaves: The Rural Population of Roman Italy (200 BC to AD 100), Author: Alessandro Launaro
Title: M. I. Finley: An Ancient Historian and his Impact, Author: Daniel Jew
Title: Antiochus and Peripatetic Ethics, Author: Georgia Tsouni
Title: Carthage in Virgil's Aeneid: Staging the Enemy under Augustus, Author: Elena Giusti
Title: Theatrical Reenactment in Pindar and Aeschylus, Author: Anna Uhlig
Title: Epicurus and Democritean Ethics: An Archaeology of Ataraxia, Author: James Warren
Title: Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae: Philosophizing Theatre and the Politics of Perception in Late Fifth-Century Athens, Author: Ashley Clements
Title: Mortal and Divine in Early Greek Epistemology: A Study of Hesiod, Xenophanes and Parmenides, Author: Shaul Tor
Title: Sociological Studies in Roman History, Author: Keith Hopkins
Title: The Woodwork of Greek Roofs, Author: A. Trevor Hodge
Title: Poetry and Number in Graeco-Roman Antiquity, Author: Max Leventhal
Title: Cosmography and the Idea of Hyperborea in Ancient Greece: A Philology of Worlds, Author: Renaud Gagné
Title: Votive Body Parts in Greek and Roman Religion, Author: Jessica Hughes
Title: Menander, New Comedy and the Visual, Author: Antonis K. Petrides
Title: The Stoics on Ambiguity, Author: Catherine Atherton
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Title: The Origin of Roman London, Author: Lacey M. Wallace
Title: Inventing Homer: The Early Reception of Epic, Author: Barbara Graziosi

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