Title: Jack London: The Comic Book Collection, Author: Jack London
Title: Battron: Against the Chariots, Author: Wayne Vansant
Title: Battron: Before the Chariots, Author: Wayne Vansant
Title: Knights of the Skull, Author: Wayne Vansant
Title: Burke & Hare, Author: Martin Conaghan
Title: Days of Wrath, Author: Wayne Vansant
Title: Vietnam Journal - Series 2: Volume 3 - Ripcord, Author: Don Lomax
Title: P.I. Jane: The Salad Days, Author: Lauren Burke
Title: Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants - Volume Three, Author: Amanda Webb
Title: Deadworld Archives - Book Five, Author: Gary Reed
Title: Killing Castro, Author: Jason Ciaccia
Title: Velda: Girl Detective - Volume 1, Author: Ron Miller
Title: Winter War, Author: Kurt Belcher
Title: The Geek of the Gods, Author: Devon Wong
Title: Deadworld: The Last Siesta, Author: Gary Reed
Title: Vietnam Journal Book Four: M.I.A., Author: Don Lomax
Title: Infinity: A Tale of the Inferno, Author: Chad Strohl
Title: Mississippi Zombie - Volume 2, Author: Travis Gibb
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Title: Vietnam Journal Book Six: Bloodbath at Khe Sanh, Author: Don Lomax
Title: Deadworld: Tattoo, Author: Stuart Kerr

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