Title: The Art of Shutting Up, Author: Fern Angel Beattie
Title: Plain Air: An Apology in Transit, Author: Cat Chong Pre-Order Now
Title: Working Animals, Author: Liam Bates
Title: Other Life, Author: Ed Luker
Title: Same Blue, Different You, Author: Jack Parlett
Title: Blame it on Me, Author: Briony Collins Pre-Order Now
Title: My Coleridge, Author: Stephanie Limb
Title: Emotional Dance Music, Author: Miles Bradley
Title: A Light Worker: And Truckers And Other Poems, Author: Lucy Harvest Clarke
Title: Collected Experimentalisms: 1993-1996, Author: U. G. Világos
Title: Three Books, Author: Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles
Title: Snackbox: Selected Legitimate Snacks, Seasons 1 & 2, Author: Aaron Kent Pre-Order Now
Title: Three Spiders Fucking, Author: Robin Purves
Title: Acting Out / chem & other poems, Author: Peter Scalpello
Title: American Ingénue, Author: Cathleen Allyn Conway
Title: Café Kaput, Author: Barney Ashton-Bullock
Title: Sheets of Sound: Notes on Music & Writing, Author: Jaydn DeWald
Title: Light Glyphs, Author: David Spittle
Title: Crossing Lines: An Anthology of Immigrant Poetry, Author: Aaron Kent
Title: Tear and Share, Author: Leia Butler Pre-Order Now

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