Title: Schriften zum Spinozastreit: Text, Kommentar, Author: Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi
Title: Die Verfassungsbeschwerde vom 18.12.2020 gegen die Ratifikation des �bereinkommens �ber ein Einheitliches Patentgericht: Verfahren 2 BvR 2217/20 vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht, Author: Ingve Bjïrn Stjerna
Title: Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination, Author: Maria C. Hernandez Soriano
Title: Anopheles mosquitoes: New insights into malaria vectors, Author: Sylvie Manguin
Title: Emerging Trends in Oral Health Sciences and Dentistry, Author: Mandeep Virdi
Title: Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology, Author: Dhanjoo N. Ghista
Title: Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics, Author: Nelson Costa
Title: Neuroimaging: Clinical Applications, Author: Peter Bright
Title: Hematology: Science and Practice, Author: Charles Lawrie
Title: Clinical Management and Evolving Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with Brain Tumors, Author: Terry Lichtor
Title: Plasmonics: Principles and Applications, Author: Ki Young Kim
Title: Ionic Liquids: Theory, Properties, New Approaches, Author: Alexander Kokorin
Title: Wave Propagation, Author: Andrey Petrin
Title: Earth Sciences, Author: Imran Ahmad Dar
Title: Heat Exchangers: Basics Design Applications, Author: Jovan Mitrovic
Title: Recent Advances in Immunology to Target Cancer, Inflammation and Infections, Author: Jagat Kanwar
Title: Cellular Automata: Simplicity Behind Complexity, Author: Alejandro Salcido
Title: Titanium Dioxide: Material for a Sustainable Environment, Author: Dongfang Yang
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Title: Electromagnetic Waves, Author: Vitaliy Zhurbenko
Title: Recent Advances in Signal Processing, Author: Ashraf Zaher

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