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Title: Summary: The Southwest Airlines Way:Review and Analysis of Gittell's Book, Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Title: Value Stream Mapping: Reduce waste and maximise efficiency, Author: 50MINUTES
Title: 12 Rules for Life: an antidate to chaos:A guide to meaning in the modern world, Author: 50Minutes
Title: The Kingship of Self-control: individual problems and possibilities, Author: William G. Jordan
Title: The Breath of Life: Mal-respiration, and its effects upon the enjoyments & life of man, Author: George Catlin
Title: Introductory Hebrew Grammar: Hebrew syntax, Author: Andrew Davidson
Title: Fire fountains: The kingdom of Hawaii, its volcanoes and the history of its missions, Author: Constance Gordon Cumming
Title: Book Review: The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels:The founding text of communism, Author: 50minutes
Title: Summary: Never Be Boring Again:Review and Analysis of Stevenson's Book, Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Title: Icelandic Fairy Tales, Author: Angus W. Hall
Title: History of the United States Secret Service, Author: L. C. Baker
Title: A History of the Mathematical Theory of Probability: From the Time of Pascal to that of Laplace, Author: Issac Todhunter
Title: Chinese Relations with the Tartar and Tibetan Tribes, Author: Anonymous
Title: The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel, Author: H.S. Osborn
Title: The Secret Doctrine: the synthesis of science, religion, and philosophy, Author: Helena P. Blavatsky
Title: A Grammar of the Tulu Language, Author: J Brigel
Title: Grover Cleveland, Author: William Osborn Stoddard
Title: Michael Porter's Value Chain: Unlock your company's competitive advantage, Author: 50MINUTES
Title: By England's Aid, Author: G.A. Henty

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