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Title: Carleton's Treasury: A valuable hand-book of general information, and a condensed encyclopedia of universal knowledge, being a reference book upon nearly every subject. Eighteenth Edition, Author: Anonymous
Title: The Two Old Men, Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: Summary: The Transparency Edge:Review and Analysis of the Pagano's Book, Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Title: Memoirs of the Geological Survey: On the Manufacture of Gun-Flints, the Methods of Excavating for Flint, the Age of Paleolithic Man and the Connection Between Neolithic Art and the Gun-Flint Trade, Author: Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly
Title: 12 Rules for Life: an antidate to chaos:A guide to meaning in the modern world, Author: 50Minutes
Title: Life and Correspondence of the Right Reverend Samuel Seabury, D.D.: First Bishop of Connecticut, and of the Episcopal Church in the United States, Author: Samuel Seabury
Title: American Slavery, Author: Samuel Seabury
Title: Studies in Mantra Shastra: Part 1, Author: Arthur Avalon
Title: Die Lost Generation in Remarques
Title: Paoli: The last of the missionaries:A picture of the overthrow of the Christians in Japan in the seventeenth century, Author: William Charles Kitchin
Title: Old and New St. Louis: Vol. 1, Author: James Cox
Title: TiYa, Author: Emmanuel Mabondo
Title: Regimental Losses in the American Civil War - 1861-1865: a treatise on the extent and nature of the mortuary losses in the Union regiments, with full and exhaustive statistics compiled from the official records on file in the state military bureaus a, Author: William F. Fox
Title: A Book of Images: Drawn by W. T. Horton & Introduced by W. B. Yeats, Author: William Butler Yeats
Title: The Battle of Fort Stedman: Petersburg, Virginia - March 25, 1865, Author: William Henry Hodgkins
Title: The Luck Of Roaring Camp and Other Stories, Author: Bret Harte
Title: Comprendre Pascal (analyse complète de sa pensée), Author: Blaise Pascal
Title: History of the United States of America: From the discovery of the continent, Author: George Bancroft
Title: Indian Depredations in Texas: Reliable Accounts of Battles, Wars, Adventures, Forays, Murders, etc., Author: J. W. (John Wesley) Wilbarger
Title: The Passion Play at Ober-Ammergau: With the Whole Drama Tr. Into English, and the Songs of the Chorus, in German and English, Author: Anonymous

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