Title: God, Family, Country, Author: Craig Morgan
Title: NYPD Red 7: The Murder Sorority, Author: Marshall Karp
#7 in Series
Title: The Neighborhood: A Thriller, Author: Matthew Betley
Title: Snowstorm in August, Author: Marshall Karp
Title: 56 Days, Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Title: The Ocean in Winter, Author: Elizabeth de Veer
Title: Run Time, Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Title: I Am Not Who You Think I Am: A Novel, Author: Eric Rickstad
Title: California Fever, Author: John J. Jacobson
Title: The Zero Night (Jonathan Stride Series #11), Author: Brian Freeman
#11 in Series
Title: Beneath Cruel Waters, Author: Jon Bassoff
Title: One of Us Is Dead, Author: Jeneva Rose
Title: The Sisters, Author: Dervla Mctiernan
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Title: The Forty Elephants, Author: Erin Bledsoe
Title: Hotel California, Author: Don Bruns
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Title: The Crimson Thread, Author: Kate Forsyth
Title: Elvis and Me, Author: Priscilla Beaulieu Presley
Title: We Share the Same Sky: A Memoir of Memory & Migration, Author: Rachael Cerrotti
Title: Funeral for a Friend (Jonathan Stride Series #10), Author: Brian Freeman
Title: The Sinner, Author: Martyn Waites
#2 in Series

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