Title: Submerged on the Surface: The Not-So-Hidden Jews of Nazi Berlin, 1941-1945 / Edition 1, Author: Richard N. Lutjens Jr.
Title: Comrades in Arms: Military Masculinities in East German Culture / Edition 1, Author: Tom Smith
Title: Germany On Their Minds: German Jewish Refugees in the United States and Their Relationships with Germany, 1938-1988 / Edition 1, Author: Anne C. Schenderlein
Title: Basic and Applied Research: The Language of Science Policy in the Twentieth Century / Edition 1, Author: David Kaldewey
Title: The Spirit of the Laws: The Plunder of Wealth in the Armenian Genocide, Author: Taner Akçam
Title: Liquid Bread: Beer and Brewing in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Author: Wulf Schiefenhövel
Title: Beyond the Veil: Reflexive Studies of Death and Dying, Author: Aubrey Thamann
Title: Cultural Resource Management: A Collaborative Primer for Archaeologists / Edition 1, Author: Thomas F. King
Title: Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation, and Subaltern Resistance in World History, Author: A. Dirk Moses
Title: The Making of the Greek Genocide: Contested Memories of the Ottoman Greek Catastrophe, Author: Erik Sjöberg
Title: The Vienna Gestapo, 1938-1945: Crimes, Perpetrators, Victims, Author: Elisabeth Boeckl-Klamper
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Title: Daily Life in the Abyss: Genocide Diaries, 1915-1918, Author: Vahé Tachjian
Title: Microhistories of the Holocaust / Edition 1, Author: Claire Zalc
Title: Business and Industry in Nazi Germany, Author: Francis R. Nicosia
Title: Let Them Not Return: Sayfo - The Genocide Against the Assyrian, Syriac, and Chaldean Christians in the Ottoman Empire, Author: David Gaunt
Title: The Upper Guinea Coast in Global Perspective, Author: Jacqueline Knörr
Title: Invisible Founders: How Two Centuries of African American Families Transformed a Plantation into a College / Edition 1, Author: Lynn Rainville
Title: An Improbable War?: The Outbreak of World War I and European Political Culture before 1914, Author: Holger Afflerbach
Title: Digital Archives and Collections: Creating Online Access to Cultural Heritage, Author: Katja Müller
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Title: Lessons in Perception: The Avant-Garde Filmmaker as Practical Psychologist / Edition 1, Author: Paul Taberham

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