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Title: Drusilla's Downfall, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: The Painted Lady, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: The Colonial Upstart, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Babe, Author: Joan Smith
Title: A Man of Her Choosing, Author: Nina Coombs Pykare
Title: How the Rogue Stole Christmas, Author: Rosemary Stevens
Title: Birds of a Feather [Bird Series Book 2], Author: Allison Lane
Title: The Diamond Key, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Blossom Time, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Miss Westlake's Windfall, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Miss Pymbroke's Rules, Author: Rosemary Stevens
Title: Imprudent Lady, Author: Joan Smith
Title: The Christmas Carrolls, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Memoirs of a Hoyden, Author: Joan Smith
Title: A Debt to Delia, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: The Unexpected Wife, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Lord Dancy's Delight, Author: Emily Hendrickson
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Title: The Merry Month of May, Author: Joan Smith
Title: An Infamous Proposal, Author: Joan Smith

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