Title: The Other Miss Derwent, Author: Patricia M. Ashley
Title: The Impoverished Viscount [Three Best Friends Series Book 2], Author: Allison Lane
Title: Lavender Lady, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: The Notorious Widow [Seabrook Trilogy Book 1], Author: Allison Lane
Title: A Prudent Match, Author: Laura Matthews
Title: Lady Hathaway's House Party, Author: Jennie Gallant
Title: A Poor Relation, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Miss Hartwell's Dilemma, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: A Very Proper Widow, Author: Laura Matthews
Title: A Lord for Miss Larkin, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: The Earl's Revenge, Author: Allison Lane
Title: An Affair of the Heart, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Brighton Honeymoon, Author: Sheri Cobb South
Title: The Seventh Suitor, Author: Laura Matthews
Title: French Leave, Author: Sheri Cobb South
Title: Alaska Adventure, Author: Cynthia Baxter
Title: Lady Pamela, Author: Amy Lake
Title: The Proud Viscount, Author: Laura Matthews
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Title: The Prodigal Daughter, Author: Allison Lane
Title: Lady Bliss, Author: Maggie MacKeever

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