Title: The Rake and the Wallflower [Seabrook Trilogy Book 2], Author: Allison Lane
Title: A Poor Relation, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Lady Hathaway's House Party, Author: Jennie Gallant
Title: The Diamond Key, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: The Notorious Widow [Seabrook Trilogy Book 1], Author: Allison Lane
Title: Petticoat Rebellion, Author: Joan Smith
Title: La Comtesse, Author: Joan Smith
Title: The Tudor Signet, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Brighton Honeymoon, Author: Sheri Cobb South
Title: The Improper Governess, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: The Christmas Spirit, Author: Patricia Wynn
Title: Bury the Bishop, Author: Kate Gallison
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Title: A Second Spring, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Beyond Surrender, Author: JoAnn Wendt
Title: Ginnie Come Lately, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Quin, Author: Maggie MacKeever
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Title: Hidden Inheritance, Author: Emily Hendrickson
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Title: Lethal Practice, Author: Peter Clement
Title: My Lord Winter, Author: Carola Dunn

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