Title: When Skies Have Fallen, Author: Debbie McGowan
Title: Checking Him Out, Author: Debbie McGowan
Title: Marketing Beef, Author: Rick Bettencourt
Title: Highlights, Author: A. M. Leibowitz
Title: The Invasion of Tork, Author: Claire Davis
Title: Sugar and Sawdust, Author: Debbie McGowan
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Title: Eagle Man and Mr Hawk, Author: Dawn Sister
Title: Borderland, Author: F.E.Feeley Jr.
Title: Up!, Author: Al Stewart
Title: Jonathan's Hope, Author: Hans M Hirschi
Title: Closer, Author: F.E.Feeley Jr.
Title: Objects in the Rearview Mirror, Author: F.E.Feeley Jr.
Title: The Haunting of Timber Manor, Author: F.E.Feeley Jr.
Title: Still Waters, Author: F.E.Feeley Jr.
Title: Hiding Behind The Couch, Author: Debbie McGowan
Title: Not a Word, Author: Dawn Sister
Title: Play On..., Author: Debbie McGowan
Title: Devon, Author: Michael Pockley
Title: The Great Pretendo, Author: Debbie McGowan
Title: Say You'll Be Mine, Author: Liam Livings

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