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Title: Digital Phase Modulation, Author: John B. Anderson
Title: The Physics of Submicron Semiconductor Devices / Edition 1, Author: Harold L. Grubin
Title: Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application V, Author: C. De Wispelaere
Title: Environmental Biotechnology: Reducing Risks from Environmental Chemicals through Biotechnology / Edition 1, Author: Gilbert S. Omenn
Title: Highlights in Condensed Matter Physics and Future Prospects / Edition 1, Author: Leo Esaki
Title: Handbook of Assessment in Childhood Psychopathology: Applied Issues in Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Evaluation, Author: Cynthia L Frame
Title: Relativistic Channeling / Edition 1, Author: Richard A. Carrigan
Title: Quantum Metrology and Fundamental Physical Constants, Author: A A Lucas
Title: Handbook of Sexual Assault: Issues, Theories, and Treatment of the Offender / Edition 1, Author: William Lamont Marshall
Title: Critical Theories of Psychological Development, Author: John M Broughton
Title: Theoretical Foundations of Behavior Therapy, Author: Michael Eysenck
Title: Molecular Characterization of Composite Interfaces / Edition 1, Author: Hatsuo Ishida
Title: The Justice Motive in Social Behavior: Adapting to Times of Scarcity and Change, Author: Melvin J. Lerner
Title: Space, Time, and Archaeological Landscapes, Author: Jaqueline Rossignol
Title: Size and Scaling in Primate Biology / Edition 1, Author: William J Jungers
Title: Air Pollution: Assessment Methodology and Modeling, Author: Erich Weber
Title: Issues in Psychotherapy Research, Author: Michel Hersen PH.D.
Title: Inpatient Behavior Therapy for Children and Adolescents / Edition 1, Author: D.J. Kolko
Title: Regional Approaches to Mortuary Analysis, Author: Lane Anderson Beck
Title: Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Children, Author: W Edward Craighead

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