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Title: Recollections: An Autobiography, Author: Viktor E. Frankl
Title: The Batterer: A Psychological Profile, Author: Donald G. Dutton
Title: Extraordinary Minds: Portraits Of 4 Exceptional Individuals And An Examination Of Our Own Extraordinariness, Author: Howard E Gardner
Title: The Last Three Minutes: Conjectures About The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe, Author: Paul Davies
Title: Buried in the Bitter Waters: The Hidden History of Racial Cleansing in America, Author: Elliot Jaspin
Title: Calculating the Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils the Universe, Author: Ian Stewart
Title: July 1914: Countdown to War, Author: Sean McMeekin
Title: Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses, Author: Sarah Gristwood
Title: If By Sea: The Forging of the American Navy--from the Revolution to the War of 1812, Author: George C Daughan
Title: Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities, Author: Ian Stewart
Title: The Birth Of A Mother: How The Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever, Author: Daniel N Stern
Title: Flatterland: Like Flatland Only More So, Author: Ian Stewart
Title: The Battle of Blair Mountain: The Story Of America's Largest Labor Uprising, Author: Robert Shogan
Title: Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill, Author: Robert Whitaker
Title: Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, Author: Matt Bernstein Sycamore
Title: Quirkology: How We Discover the Big Truths in Small Things, Author: Richard Wiseman
Title: The Tsar's Last Armada: The Epic Journey to the Battle of Tsushima, Author: Constantine V Pleshakov
Title: Adventures in Human Being: A Grand Tour from the Cranium to the Calcaneum, Author: Gavin Francis
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Title: Girl in Need of a Tourniquet: Memoir of a Borderline Personality, Author: Merri Lisa Johnson
Title: Feynman's Tips on Physics: Reflections, Advice, Insights, Practice, Author: Richard P. Feynman

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