Title: A Very Merry Murder: A Molly McGuire Cozy Mystery - Book 2, Author: Cindy Kline
Title: Amid the Honorable Plenty: The Story of Covalt's Station, an Ohio Frontier Settlement, Author: Steven Early Jr.
Title: Bragging Rights & Root Beer Floats: A narcissistic collection of autobiographical musings from a genetically gifted bullshitter, Author: Rick Olson
Title: Always Only You, Author: Chloe Liese
Title: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Author: Joseph Conrad
Title: Stay with Me, Author: Nicole Fiorina
Title: Torn Between A Thug & A Boss, Author: Mia Black
#1 in Series
Title: Everything for You, Author: Chloe Liese
Title: A Life Lived In Spite of _______________, An Encyclopedia, Author: Ethan Yamashita
Title: A Dead Man and Doggie Delights, Author: Aleksa Baxter
Title: Storm and Sun: Written by Grace Bennett, Author: Megan Bennett
Title: Lotus: A Love Story, Author: Jennifer Hartmann
Title: Only When It's Us, Author: Chloe Liese
Title: Interrupted Cadence, Author: Tricia-Marie Ward Pre-Order Now
Title: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, Author: Dora Maria Abreu Pre-Order Now
Title: We Shouldn't, Author: Vi Keeland
Title: Now Open Your Eyes, Author: Nicole Fiorina
Title: The Co-op, Author: Tarah Dewitt
Title: Playing Hard to Get, Author: Monica Murphy
Title: You & I, Rewritten: A Novel:, Author: Chip Pons

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