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Title: The Grierson Effect: Tracing Documentary's International Movement, Author: Zoe Druick
Title: Film Marketing into the Twenty-First Century, Author: Nolwenn Mingant
Title: Special Effects: New Histories, Theories, Contexts, Author: Dan North
Title: Animal Life and the Moving Image, Author: Michael Lawrence
Title: The Screenwriter in British Cinema, Author: Jill Nelmes
Title: Hollywood and the Law, Author: Paul McDonald
Title: Cinema Beyond Territory: Inflight Entertainment in Global Context, Author: Stephen Groening
Title: Small Screen Aesthetics: From Television to the Internet, Author: NA NA
Title: British Colour Cinema: Practices and Theories, Author: Simon Brown
Title: Lethal Repetition: Serial Killing in European Cinema, Author: NA NA
Title: The Hollywood Sequel: History & Form, 1911-2010, Author: Stuart Henderson
Title: Nollywood Central, Author: Jade L. Miller
Title: Arab Cinema Travels: Transnational Syria, Palestine, Dubai and Beyond, Author: Kay Dickinson
Title: Many More Lives of the Batman, Author: Roberta Pearson
Title: The Children's Film Foundation: History and Legacy, Author: Robert Shail
Title: Humphrey Jennings: Film-maker, Painter, Poet, Author: Marie-Louise Jennings
Title: Teaching Digital Video Production at GCSE, Author: M.L. White
Title: Teaching Television at GCSE, Author: Eileen Lewis
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Title: Teaching Film at GCSE, Author: James Baker
Title: Reading Films (BR030), Author: NA NA

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