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Title: Greed, Author: Jonathan Rosenbaum
Title: Groundhog Day, Author: Ryan Gilbey
Title: Many More Lives of the Batman, Author: Roberta Pearson
Title: Head-On (Gegen die Wand), Author: Daniela Berghahn
Title: Rome Open City: (
Title: Civilisation, Author: Jonathan Conlin
Title: Thelma & Louise, Author: Marita Sturken
Title: British Colour Cinema: Practices and Theories, Author: Simon Brown
Title: Akira, Author: Michelle Le Blanc
Title: Don't Look Now, Author: Mark Sanderson
Title: To be or Not to be / Edition 1, Author: Peter Barnes
Title: The Children's Film Foundation: History and Legacy, Author: Robert Shail
Title: Far From Heaven, Author: John Gill
Title: Reading Films (BR030), Author: NA NA
Title: Chinatown, Author: Michael Eaton
Title: Citizen Kane, Author: L. Mulvey
Title: Teaching Television at GCSE, Author: Eileen Lewis
Title: M, Author: Anton Kaes
Title: Hollywood and the Law, Author: Paul McDonald
Title: The Sound of Music, Author: Caryl Flinn

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