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Title: High Noon, Author: Philip Drummond
Title: Dont Look Back, Author: Keith Beattie
Title: Humphrey Jennings: Film-maker, Painter, Poet, Author: Marie-Louise Jennings
Title: The Gold Rush, Author: Matthew Solomon
Title: Written on the Wind, Author: Peter William Evans
Title: October, Author: NA NA
Title: From Here to Eternity, Author: J.E. Smyth
Title: Nosferatu (1979): Phantom Der Nacht, Author: S.S.  Prawer
Title: Unforgiven, Author: NA NA
Title: The Television Genre Book, Author: Glen Creeber Pre-Order Now
Title: The Tales of Hoffmann, Author: William Germano
Title: The Beiderbecke Affair, Author: William Gallagher
Title: If...., Author: Mark  Sinker
Title: The General, Author: Peter Kramer
Title: Animal Life and the Moving Image, Author: Michael Lawrence
Title: Throne of Blood, Author: Robert N. Watson
Title: The Story of Propaganda Film, Author: Scott Anthony Pre-Order Now
Title: The Chinese Cinema Book, Author: Song Lim
Title: Vertigo, Author: Charles Barr
Title: Eyes Wide Shut, Author: Michel Chion

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